Make Your Own Holiday Gift Tags

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tag Craft Punch ($16.99 at Michaels)
Small Snowflake Punch ($1.00 at Michaels)
1" Circle Punch - optional ($5.00 at Michaels)
Hole Punch
Cardstock in blue, green, or red - ($.59 at Michaels)
1 Sheet each Red and White Construction Paper
2 Spools of Thin Ribbon in Red and White - ($.50 each at Michaels)
Silver Paint Pen
Small Paintbrush
Elmer's Glue
(NOTE: Don't let this list overwhelm you. With a coupon, the costs for this project are under $20)

I recently received a bee stamp from Joy that came with 3 plain tags to stamp. It was then that I got the brilliant idea to create my own price tags for the craft fair that is coming up on December 2. I ran off to Michael's Craft Store with my 40% off coupon and bought a Tag Craft Punch and some scrapbooking card stock. By the time I got home, my mind was racing with all the fun things I could do. Here is how to make your own fun holiday gift tags.

Step 1
Using the craft punch, cut out as many tags as you can from the card stock. In order to get the most amount of tags out of one sheet of paper, I turn the punch around so I can see the cut block. You should be able to get around 20 tags out of each sheet.

Step 2
Use the hole punch to add one hole in each tag for the ribbon.

Step 3
Cut pieces of ribbon to 6 1/2" in length.

Step 4
Use the snowflake punch to cut snowflakes out of paper. If you just got one sheet of cardstock, you will need about 20 snowflakes. I used red construction paper and 28lb. white Hammermill that I had on hand. If you want to get really creative, go back with a circle punch, center the space with the empty snowflake and cut a circle around the snowflake as seen in the picture above. You can also cut some plain red circles and add white snowflakes to the middle of them.

Step 5
Squirt out some Elmer's Glue onto a scrap piece of paper, use the paint brush and spread glue on the snow flakes to add them to your tags. Scrapbookers feel free to comment here and tell me if there is a better way to glue. I thought a glue stick was too cumbersome for these delicate little snowflakes.

When gluing the snowflakes, you can get really creative by going all minimalist modern and adding one snowflake per tag, or adding a snowstorm of flakes. Whatever floats your boat.

Step 6
Use the paint pen and on the back of the tag, write To: and From:

Step 7
Add the ribbon to the tag and voila, lovely gift tag.

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